Hele Electronics(QCY) Significant Project Put in Place - Milestone of Smart Manufacturing

Construction of Hele’s future headquarters of wearables and smart household appliances was officially launched in June 2020. Hele’s annual production is projected to reach 60 million with annual output value exceeding RMB 1 billion. When most companies returned to work after the Spring Festival, journalists of Dongguan Daily carried a deep interview in QCY to cover the project and the company’s plan. The following content is part of the press coverage.


New momentum to the significant project


Thousands of workers have returned to the plant of Dongguan Hele Electronics Co., Ltd.(Hele) in Daojiao Town.

“ After the Spring Festival, 90% of our workers have returned. The number will increase as the boom season is approaching.” said Jiang Dong Hele’s Assistant Manager.

Moreover, its headquarters of wearables and smart life obtained the area in February and is projected to start construction in June. This project will increase Hele’s production volume and output value to 60 million and RMB 1billion respectively.

“ This project is a milestone to us. First, it makes us produce more and drives us to gain new momentum of development.” said Jiang.