Hele Electronics (QCY) Awarded Dongguan Youpin Enterprise

On Nov 28 2022, Dongguan Youpin, a local e-commerce platform by Dongguan Mondagroup, was released, with 108 Dongguan local firms entering.


Dongguan Hele Electronics Co., Ltd. (QCY) has stayed in the city for 13 years since the day when it was established. The company is dedicated to wireless audio and smart electronics. The National High-Tech Enterprise is able to research, produce and distribute items joined the platform with other well-known brands like Huawei, Oppo and Vivo.


As one of the first group of local renowned companys, Hele Electronics (QCY) was awarded Dongguan Youpin Enterprise.


Dongguan has always work hard to increase consumer goods categories and quality and build more brands. Besides, the government advances to transfer the city from Made in Dongguan to Created in Dongguan, from Dongguan Products to Dongguan Brands by cluster, high-standard, digital, brand and green development.


Hele Electronics (QCY) has been committed to “Be Creative, Go Beyond”. With a professional R&D team including over 150 members, more than 160 patents and has intellectual property rights for all of its products. It bases in Guangxi and Guangdong to gather huge supply chain resources.



Its distributors have covered over 30 countries and regions. Moreover, it has 11 state-level agents in countries like South Korea, Japan and Russia. According to TWS Market Analysis, QCY shipment volume in Q1 2022 ranked fourth in the globe.


The platform stick to the best products so as to promote local brands. On the platform, consumers can get in touch with these brands directly to gain better service. Based on the establishment of Dongguan brands, the platform will act as a driver and use its dissemination to fuel Dongguan products to go global.


The Award means Hele Electronics (QCY) and its items have been recognized by the platform. In the coming years, QCY will keep pursuing product update and innovation and work together with other brands on the platform to reward Made in Dongguan and build urban brands, advancing the city’s economic development and achieving win-win outcomes for both enterprise and consumers.