QCY Crossky GTR MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

The list of winners of 2022 MUSE Creative Awards has been announced. While there were over 40, 000 pieces of work competing for it, QCY’s new Crossky GTR Open Truly Wireless won the 2022 MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner.


MUSE Creative Awards - One of the World’s Most Powerful in Its Kind.

The Awards, hosted by AAM and IAA, is with more than 180 international judges and is well-known for its severe and high standards, aimed at finding and citing outstanding work in construction, landscape and indoor design.   With modern design, the earbuds feature amazing curves and impressive and innovative design, so that they were recognized by all judges.  



Open-Style and Rotation Adjustment

Compared with IEM and semi in-ear earbuds, QCY Crossky GTR is a full-open earbuds so users don’t have to push them into ear canals to protect their ears from allergy and inflammation.

The drone-like spiale, one of Crossky GTR’s most impressive highlights, allows users to rotate and find the best angle to wear the headset in a comfortable and stable way. 



Decent Sound Quality

People want to know how sound quality is in these open earbuds. QCY Crossky GTR Open Truly Wireless Earbuds use open directional audio with anti-sound leakage, so that you hear sound clearly while people around you don’t. When you listening music outdoors, you can have a conversation or be aware of your surroundings.

The built-in 17*12 mm racetrack-shaped  biomembrane driver is with high sensitivity to make users feel details of every note and deliver spacial surround sound. The headset uses virtual algorithm to boost bass, offering dynamic and authentic listening. No matter where you are, you can always enjoy clear and natural sound. Besides, Crossky GTR is with IPX5, 24-hour battery life and quad-mic ENC for call.


But the headset has another advantage. As of now most medium-configuration open headsets’ prices are over USD150, Crossky GTR is at a budget price so we believe customers will try and like it. Crossky GTR winning this Awards not only means the whole market approves its design idea but QCY’s capabilities of R&D and innovation. In the future, QCY will keep focusing on what consumers really want and following market trend and offer users smart and premium wireless audio experience through ground-breaking ideas and cutting-edge technology.