HeLe Electronics Ranks 353rd in the "Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises in Guangdong Province"!

On December 28, the "2022 Guangdong Manufacturing Industry Development Annual Conference and Guangdong Manufacturing Industry Top 500 Enterprises Summit" jointly organized by Jinan University's Industrial Economics Research Institute, the Guangdong Manufacturing Industry Association, and the Guangdong Development and Reform Research Institute was grandly held at the Oriental Hotel in Guangzhou. The list of the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province for the year 2022 was released during the event, and HeLe Electronics Co., Ltd. from Dongguan ranked 353rd.


Established in 2009, HeLe Electronics is a national high-tech enterprise integrating production, research, and sales, specializing in intelligent electronic devices. Its products mainly cover three major categories: audio, charging, and smart devices. Over the years, HeLe Electronics has accumulated strong research and design capabilities and has been honored with titles such as "Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises in Guangdong Province," "Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Credit-worthy Enterprise," and "National High-tech Enterprise."


In the challenging economic environment of 2022 due to the pandemic, many enterprises faced difficulties such as economic downturn, weak demand, and disrupted circulation. However, HeLe Electronics demonstrated a counter-trend growth trajectory, achieving remarkable results with its robust industrial chain advantages and outstanding product design and quality. In 2022, HeLe Electronics' independent core brand QCY ranked 4th globally in market share of shipment volume in the first quarter and 8th in the second quarter. The popular QCY T13 product became one of the top five best-selling TWS models globally in the first quarter within the $0-74 price range. The QCY series products are currently exported to more than 30 countries and regions worldwide, including North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and are well-received by consumers.


HeLe Electronics' core strengths lie not only in its integrated research, production, and sales model but also in having an independent brand, QCY. Furthermore, the company excels in supply chain resources and management. It has established two major production bases in Dongguan and Guangxi, providing professional ODM and OEM services to several major brands in various industries. Additionally, HeLe Electronics has established long-term and in-depth cooperative relationships with multiple domestic and international component suppliers, creating a large-scale effect and cost advantage. This enables the company to consistently and genuinely provide consumers with affordable and high-quality audio product experiences.