National Champion Xu Kexin Announced as QCY Brand Ambassador

On Dec 9 2022, QCY offcially announced Xu Kexin, China’s national short - track speed skater as its brand ambassador and endorser for Crossky GTR - its first open truly wireless earbuds.


Sport and Music


Xu was born in Nov 1995 and won her first gold in 2008-2009 500-metre National Short-track Speed  Championships when she was only 13 years old. She joined in China’s national team in 2010, starting her career with hard training. Over the past decade, Xu has clinched titles in various games and maintained top-3 ranks in most matches. 


QCY built in 2009 has worked in wireless audio industry for 13 years. The national high technology enterprise puts together R&D, production and marketing and gains popularity among young user. The brand is committed to “Let everyone experience technical life in a easy way” and works to use its special advantages to provide high-performance wireless headsets to consumers. Now QCY has been world’s top-5 Bluetooth headset brand. Xu accepted as an ambassador for QCY, which is not only a mix of sport and music but the champion approved the brand and its items. 


Be Champion, Go Beyond


Music and sport can both make people excited.  Every round of applause shows how fans feel about the game and every note from the headset makes audience feel joy from music. QCY as a young brand stays its idea “Be Creative, Go Beyond” and dares to break new ground. The new release Crossky GTR is a full update in type, wear and audio performance. Its innovative design won MUSE Creative Awards.


Ego Challenge


For athletes, it requires strong capability and sheer determination to lift the trophy. For QCY, it needs outstanding R&D, special characteristics and high quality to survive in the market.  Based on the idea of free ears completely, Crossky GTR uses open-wear and rotation design to offer users comfortable wear. With customized 17 * 12 mm racetrack-shaped  biomembrane driver and virtual bass algorithm, the headset improves sound quality and reduce audio leakage which plagues the industry for a long term.



Since the day when the brand is established, QCY has been remaining true to its original aspiration that is meeting users’ demands and providing innovative and premium smart electronics. Xu Kexin, an ego-challenge and dream-chasing athlete, decided to work with QCY, a brand staying innovation, and let’s see what chemical reaction will be when sport meets music.