Hele Electronics(QCY) awarded 2021 Jiangxin Brand

Jiangxin Plan Office with Global Times Research Center has issued a list of 2021 Jiangxin Brands. The list not like other evaluation system focuses on enterprise value, cultural cores and how enterprise builds and manages its quality, innovation and service culture. The system comprises 3 dimensions and 4 first-tier, 12 second-tier and 33 third-tier indicators. 


With Huawei, Xiaomi and other famous brands, QCY beat the rest nearly 300 brands and won a place in the list. That means QCY is approved in the market of truly wireless earbuds.


Craftsmanship means a lot to quality and how the brand uses its edges


Dongguan Hele Electronics Co., Ltd. established in 2009 is a National High-Tech Enterprise that is capable of developing, producing and marketing audio, charging and other smart items.


The top-500 Guangdong manufacturer has been committed to “Be Creative, Go Beyond”. With a professional R&D team including over 150 members, more than 160 patents and has intellectual property rights for all of its products. It bases in Guangxi and Guangdong to gather huge supply chain resources. This helps the company obtain distinctive strengths in scale effect, cost control and supply chain management..