Can the high-wattage chargers be used for my phone?

Yes, rest assured that charging your phone using a high-power charger is safe and won't harm it. Please kindly know that the device being charged negotiates what it needs and our charger supplies that. Therefore, using a charger with a power output of 60W or higher to charge smaller devices like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy is completely safe. This implies that you may charge your phone, tablet, and laptop using the same charger.

Does charger have warranty?

Please visit the following link to learn about QCY's warranty policy.

What should I do if my wall charger does not charge at all or only charges intermittently?

If the power station is charged fully, but the USB-C port or USB-A cannot charge devices, try using the following troubleshooting steps:

Try a different cable. 

Try charging another phone.


There may be incompatibility issues if the ports can charge phones but cannot charge other devices, such as cameras. 

What should I do if one of the USB ports on my wall charger stopped working?

Follow these troubleshooting tips to identify and solve your charging problem.


 1、Make sure you’re using the right kind of charger for your device. 

To charge a device fast, both the connected charger and device need to support the same charging technology. For example, to fast charge a Samsung Galaxy S8, 


2、Distinguish between the total wattage and the maximum wattage.

When using a multi-port charger, take a closer look at the specs to differentiate between the total wattage and the maximum wattage that a single port can support. For example, the 65W dual-port GN301 has a 15W USB-A port and a 45W USB-C Port.


Try another cable and a different outlet.

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