Do I need to keep my Bluetooth on when I wear my watch?

1) For three functions, (counting steps, sleeping and alarm clock), you do not need to keep the watch connected constantly. If you only need to wear a watch when you exercise, you can connect the watch and your mobile phone to view the data via

syncing after the exercise.

2) For the functions of call alert, message alert and find phone, you need to turn on the

mobile phone’s Bluetooth and maintain the connection with the mobile phone.

The watch received no alerts, text messages or phone calls

1) You need to turn on the smart reminder function and the call reminder switch in the app and sync to the watch.

2) The phone needs to be paired with the watch via Bluetooth. (Please check “Syncing Data” for details).

3) You need to keep your watch connected to Bluetooth.

4) App notifications in your mobile’s settings should be turned on.

Mobile app search for the watch failed.

1) Ensure watches is updated to the latest version.

2) Close all programs/apps in running in the background, restart the Bluetooth and then attempt again.

3) Confirm that the mobile phone operating system meets Android 6.1 or iOS 12.0 or above.

Bluetooth is often disconnected

1) If the distance between the watch and the mobile phone is too far, Bluetooth connection stability will be weakened.

2) If there is a shield/barrier between the watch and the mobile phone; the human body, wearing metal jewallery, etc., this will interfere with the Bluetooth connection signal.

3) Check whether the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone is abnormal.

Bluetooth connection

Reset the watch.

Check which app your smart watch connects to, and then in your phone's app store check that you have the latest version and update it if necessary.

Ensure that your phone's Android version is 6.1 or higher, or iOS version is 12.0 or higher.

Check if this watch is still paired to your smartphone, if it is, 'forget' the device and re-pair it.

The watch should be within 10 meters of your smartphone to connect.

Your smart watch's app must be allowed to run in the background. Some smartphones automatically stop apps from running in the background to conserve battery, but this will stop the connection to your watch. Consult your smartphone's manual to prevent apps from automatically closing in the background.

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