My watch can't monitor the sleep data?

If your watch supports sleep monitoring and you experience any issues, please try the following:

Ensure your device is properly charged, fitted well and is worn continuously through the night. For many smart watches, at least three hours of sleep is required to provide good data.

How set message on watch

1. Bind the watch to phone

  1. 2. Set message notification on the App
  2. 3. Permit the App on phone
  3. 4. Select the software to allow
Steps are not accurate

1. Why do you think the steps are not accurate? Do you use other app to count steps?

  1. 2. Please set your height and weight in the app to calibrate
  2. 3. Reset the watch and calibrate
What's heart rate for?

You can use this function to learn your heart rate speed and strength and see if there is arrhythmia. A normal resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute.

What should I do if watch cracks down


1. Charge it for 2 hours and try again

  1. 2. Try factory reset
  2. 3. Leave it for one night and try again
  3. 4. Contact the seller for aftersales if all the above steps fail to fix
How to connect watch?

1. Download app and follow the app to give authorization or some functions might not be available

  1. 2. Power on watch to obtain QR code and use the app to scan the code
  2. 3. Slide right to select language 
What is DND?

1. When you turn on DND, functions like raise to wake, message notification and vibration will be blocked in scheduled period

  1. 2. You can set the period in DND mode via the app
Blood pressure value is not accurate

1. Watch is not a professional medical device and the data are for reference only

2. Range of systolic pressure and diastolic pressure is from 90 to 140mmHg and 60 to 90mmHg respectively

3. It’s recommended that you measure blood pressure when you get up in the morning

4. Please place watch 1 cm away from styloid process of ulna and leave one-finger space between band and wrist

5. When you measure, keep wrist in front of heart, do not talk and keep breathe evenly

6. In blood pressure page, slide down to re-measure

Raise up wrist can't wake up display

1. Try to raise up wrist at a different angle or frequency

2. Check if DND is on

3. Swing watch to activate sensor and try again

4. Reset watch to factory

5. Ask seller for aftersales

Why watch gives heart rate value when I don't put it on

Heart rate sensor uses photoelectricity - the sensor generates green light through skin onto blood. When heart beats, blood will speed up and reflect back to sensor which will get data. If you place watch on table or have watch covered, the sensor will receive wrong data. This issue cannot be fixed unless we use another sensor that can identify living creature but it will more expensive.

The watch does not work

Fully charge the smart watch, then restart it. If you have not used your watch before, or if it has not been used for a long time, it will not turn on because of discharge protection. The watch will need to be fully charged first.

Smartwatch can work without a smartphone?

Yes. Without Bluetooth connection to your phone, the smartwatch can still be used as an independent watch to check the time, calories burned, counting steps, distance run, etc. There’s just no way to see more history and no way to get notifications from your cellphone.

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