Why do I suddenly hear obvious external noise when talking in ANC mode?

During calls, earbuds will automatically switch to Normal mode, so that you can receive your own voice feedback in real-time. 


What should I do if I encounter wind noise while outdoors?

Use Wind Reduction mode, which can be found in the ANC section of the QCY app. Wind Reduction mode is ideal for environments with constantly high levels of wind, such as cycling, workouts or other outdoor activities. When using this mode, the earbuds will detect wind noise automatically and when it reaches the threshold, Wind Reduction mode starts to work.


How to Get the Best Noise Cancelling Performance Out of My HT05 Earbuds?

If the noise cancelling performance of your HT05 earbuds falls short of your expectations, try the following to optimize noise cancelling performance.


Firstly, make sure you have the latest firmware version. If not, please update your firmware. Once you have done that, try the following tips:

1) Try other sizes of ear tips. Ensure you're using a size that fits well and creates a tight seal.

2) Make sure you're wearing the earbuds in the correct position so that they create a tight seal. To check if you're wearing the earbuds in the best position, take the Fit Test on the QCY app.

3) Try different ANC modes to see which one suits your environment best.

Note: In a noisy environment, you may feel that the noise-canceling performance is not as strong.

If you encounter any other issues or your issue has not been resolved, please contact QCY customer support for further assistance.


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