Earbud audio delayed/cut off?

1. Please make sure the earbuds have sufficient power and try them in other environments.

2. Replace the equipment for testing.

3. Some models of earbuds/mobile phones have a low-latency function, which can be turned on to confirm the status of the earbuds.

Why can't my computer (xx mobile phone) be connected and used?

Please first confirm whether your device requires setting permissions.

Reset the earphones, connect other devices to test whether the earbuds are working properly, and eliminate incompatibility.

Put the earbuds into the charging case and still connect to the phone (continuously connected)

This may be because the earbuds or charging box are low on power.

Please clean the charging pin with a dry cloth and alcohol-based disinfectant and charge it for 2 to 3 hours before testing.

Earbuds connect to device and then quickly disconnect

1. Please first confirm whether there are other connected devices around and delete the earbud connection records on other devices to prevent misconnection.

2. Try to reset the headset a few more times and change devices for testing.

The APP shows that 2 earbuds are connected, but there is no sound from one side?

1. Please confirm whether there is a connection prompt sound from the two earbuds when connecting. 2. If there are prompt sounds on both sides, please try to reset a few more times and pair the earbuds. 3. If there is no connection prompt sound on one side, please contact the customer service of the store where you placed the order to confirm.

Can only use one side per connection/can't pair?

1.Please observe whether the headset is charging normally.

2.If charging is normal, the headset may not be paired. It is recommended that you try to reset the headset several times.

The reset method can be found in the manual or official website.

3.You could also:Test your true wireless earbuds with a different device to check if the problem is caused by compatibility issues.Ensure there are no physical objects hindering the Bluetooth connection.

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