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For us to better understand what customers think about our earbuds, testing is a good way to achieve this. Through testing, we get feedbacks and use them into generating better products next time.


Tell us you are interested in testing our product by leaving your email, 5 out 1000 application will be selected, we will make direct contact and ship free samples.

Review and ship products

All shipping cost and sample are on our side, usually, it takes around 10 days for parcel to arrive globally. We will not announce any result to public, however, selected testers will get email from us.


After receive your product, take as long as 1 month to use the product thouroughly, then leave your review by replying to our remind email.

Previous Reviews

5 out 500 application will be selected and we will send free samples, your first-hand feedback are valuble to us. 

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Sorprendido buena calidad de sonido por poco dinero

“Tengo unos Huawei freebuds 3 y los qcy t1c y no es tanta la diferencia en sonido entre ambos, en realidad se escuchan muy bien, mas de lo que esperaba por tan poco dinero ademas se ajustan muy bien a los oidos”

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I love these earbuds

“The sound quality is great. I use them for walking, and even outside it helps block a lot of other noises. The call quality is great, as well. I tested them by calling him while out. He said I was very clear. They are very comfortable, and come with three different ear piece size coverings.”

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Different Buds for Different Ears

“Quality - we've only been using the QCY earbuds for a week - and by we I mean I've shared them with my wife to get her honest opinion as well. We find no fault in quality on this product but like everything else. The plastic charging cradle/case seems solid, etc.”

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Amazing Sound Quality

“Noise cancellation on these is brilliant. They work as expected and the sound is great too. Power pack allows you to charge quickly and easily. Albeit on the slightly higher price bracket you get what you pay for. If definitely recommend these.”

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