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QCY’s HT03 Making Its Debut - Redefining the Most Cost-effective ANC

As a user-demand and innovation-driven firm, Hele Electronics nurtures its core brand QCY. Under the vision - Be Creative, Go Beyond, QCY stays innovative and dares to break new ground in a bid to make more technical, creative and smart electronics. As of now QCY has been a Fifth-ranked TWS Earbuds Provider around the world-across the globe.

Under the ideas of technology, vitality, focus and innovation, we call for the idea of Be Creative Go Beyond. Aiming at delivery of technology life with truly wireless audio, QCY teams roll out the up-to-date ANC earbuds HT03 after multiple months of development.

Main features:
1.With up-to-35dB hardcore Active Noise Canceling, the new model blocks ambient noises so you can enjoy a quiet private world.
2.Supporting transparent mode, HT03 enables you to notice your surroundings even listening music.
3.10mm dynamic driver offers immersive, balanced sound that infuses music into your DNA.
4.Bluetooth 5.1 chip-set consumes less power yet transmits faster and reduces latency.
5.Four noise-canceling microphones make calling clearer even in bustling street.
6.With charging case, HT03 provides up to 24 hours of playback.

Ben Zuo, Leader of HT03 Project and R&D Director of QCY, said: “Compared with its rivals, HT03 can answer demands of people at all age levels in various situations. But an low price will still be maintained as we did before.” He added “Moreover, we are working to provide cut-price items yet with perfect use experiences to users across the globe as QCY cares about fans in every part of the world.”

The most recommended ANC earbuds in 2021 are definitely HT03 which not only boasts excellent technology and quality, but the most affordable price amid the market. Now HT03 is making its debut on our official site: HT03

Let join QCY family to expect more amazing products in the future.

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