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QCY Brand Update - Let's Be Creative, Go Beyond

        According to Canalys’ latest statistics, global shipments of smart audio devices reached 96.2 million units in the first quarter of 2020, of which TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets accounted for 38% of the market share, becoming the largest category of smart audio devices. Among them, mobile phone manufacturers Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi continue to lead the TWS market, and QCY, a Bluetooth headset brand of Hele Electronics, followed closely. This year’s Q1 shipments reached 2.5 million units, an explosive growth of 172% year-on-year, accounting for TWS true The market share of wireless Bluetooth headsets is 5.6%-ranking fourth in the world.

          Although many markets have been hit hard by the impact of the new crown virus this year, audio is a key part of modern digital experience. The streaming media market is vigorous and will continue to develop. It is expected that the overall share of true wireless Bluetooth headsets will be in 2020. Increased by 29%, shipments will exceed 200 million units. With the strength of its own Bluetooth ecological chain, Hele Electronics will insist on providing the best quality service to users around the world and maintain the leading position in the QCY entry-level true wireless Bluetooth headset market. We believe that through the unremitting efforts of every Hele person, QCY will be able to ride the wind and waves, overcome obstacles, and continue to shine in the future!


  • Ya descargué la aplicación, yá leí los términos y condiciones, la política de privacidad, pero no me deja configurar los audífonos, qué puedo hacer?

    Miguel Ángel Trujano Bárcenas
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  • Include Spanish language for the website and for the Android application; In Latin America, QCY is a very famous and followed company

    Camilo Guzman
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